Artist 2814
Record Label Ailanthus Recordings
Release Date October 25, 2014
Length 1:17:15
Tracks 8
Price Free
Tags punk; ambient; cyberpunk; dream; electronic; experimental; future; internet; love; no samples; slushwave; vaporwave; Johnstown

2814 is a self-titled album by 2814. Dream Catalogue published a cassette release of the album in 2015. A vinyl version was released in 2017.


  1. 我愛你 (Wǒ ài nǐ, lit. I love you) (08:58)
  2. 2814スカイライン (2814 Sukairain, lit. 2814 Skyline) (07:31)
  3. Mishazawa (06:18)
  4. 一緒に私たちは、市内の遺跡を歩く (Issho ni watashitachiha, shinai no iseki o aruku, lit. Together we walk the city of ruins) (14:55)
  5. 赤い夜明け (Akai yoake, lit. Red Dawn) (07:32)
  6. フローティング (Furōtingu, lit. Floating) (05:38)
  7. 再生 (Saisei, lit. Regeneration) (21:55)
  8. 私たちは、ハイパーマーケットをさまよう (Watashitachiha, haipāmāketto o samayō, lit. We wander the hypermarket) (06:04)


They found each other again, through the cracks of the towers, under the violet haze of Citadel 2814. The ancient love rushed through the wires as it once had through the veins. And from another first embrace, the cycle continued, eternal.

2814 is a collaborative project of original music by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 and Hong Kong Express.


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