Night of Terror「成人専用」
Artist High School Drama Teacher
Record Label Lost Angles [LA0030]
Release Date February 19, 2016 (Digital)

February 27, 2016 (Cassette)

Tracks 9 (HSDT)

10 (Lost Angles)

Price Free (Name your Price)
Tags electronic; ambient; electronica; psychedelic; seapunk; vaporwave; Charlottetown

Night of Terror「成人専用」 (Night of Terror「Seijin sen'yō」, lit. Night of Terror「Adults Only」) is an album by High School Drama Teacher based around a fictional horror game.


  1. 始める_introduction.adx (hajimeru_introduction.adx, lit. start_introduction.adx) (01:56)
  2. 一人で_dark.adx (hitori de_dark.adx, lit. alone_dark.adx (02:37)
  3. 夕方の時間_wandering.adx (yūgata no jikan_wandering.adx, lit. evening_time_wandering.adx) (03:20)
  4. 不吉な_graveyard.adx (fukitsuna_graveyard.adx, lit. ominous_graveyard.adx) (02:21)
  5. 救う_check_point.adx (sukuu_check_point.adx, lit. rescue_check_point.adx) (00:13)
  6. ランニング_in_the_woods.adx (ran'ningu_in_the_woods.adx, lit. running_in_the_woods.adx) (03:36)
  7. 後期_cutscene.adx (Kōki_cutscene.adx, lit. final_cutscene.adx) (01:48)
  8. 静かに_maybe.adx (shizukani_maybe.adx, lit. quietly_maybe.adx) (02:34)
  9. 偽終わり_credits.adx (Nise owari_credits.adx, lit. fake_end_credits.adx) (03:01)
  10. 次の_alternate_ending.adx (Tsugi no_alternate_ending.adx, lit. Next_alternate_ending.adx) (02:08)


"The adventure, which takes place in 3D using pre-rendered backgrounds, drags you through spooky crash sites, abandoned buildings, experiments gone wrong and more"


"This game establishes a very unsettling atmosphere that at once puts you off and creeps you out"

- GameSpot

"I almost wanted to throw out my console just to cleanse my house"

- VGDaily

At long last, the suspenseful Japanese horror classic "Night of Terror" has made its way to the Sega Dreamcast ® just in time for the 2001 holiday season! After almost three years of production hell and numerous cuts for gory content, "Night of Terror" is finally here to terrify the West in the most realistic survival-horror experience to date. Turn out the lights, grab your controller, and try to stay sane.



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